Givaudan Corporate Day

Tuesday and Wednesday this week (20/21 May) The Academy opened its doors and we were honoured to welcome selected guests of Givaudan, who are among the largest companies in the food and beverages industry, for a rather special and unique tasting experience.

Givaudan are the market leaders in flavours and fragrances and we have worked together to devise an extraordinary way of promoting their skills.  After careful selection of three recipes from my latest book, Simply Novelli, Givaudan’s fantastically talented team replicated the recipes in a wide selection of unusual methods with the help of their resident chef Paul Lees. The dishes selected from the book were:

Beignets au Fromage

Coq aux Vin avec Chocolat

Douillon de Poire Romarin

Givaudan managed to create their version of the Beignets using flavour enhanced basil and a selection of sweet potato flavoured crisps managing to even give a hint of chilli during the tasting of the crisps.

The Coq aux Vin was created into their version of a cook in the bag chicken enhancing all aspects of my own recipe with fantastic results.

The Douillon de Poire was made into a cordial and their team even managed to get the hint of herbs into their flavours. Their clients, who were obviously used to their skills seemed impressed with the concept of me creating the dishes and then comparing his results with Givaudan’s creations and had a great day of natural flavours and tips from Jean Christophe as well as the magic flavours created by Givaudan.

A special thanks goes to Rickard and his very professional team and we hope it’s the start of a long term relationship.

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Return to South Africa – after a long time away

We’ve just returned from a fantastic event hosted by Blue Moon; we met some fantastic people and were spoiled thoroughly both by Deana from Blue Moon and Garth Shnier, Executive Chef from Tsogo Sun Group.

Having not been in South Africa for a while it was wonderful to see how the country has progressed over the years to the point that I am now considering opening an extension to my Novelli Academy in South Africa, providing I can find the right partners.

The event was to launch the new Audi A8 and over 350 select business executives were invited.   The evening consisted of various well known South African pop acts and was hosted by two TV personalities.

Working with Garth and his professional team, we managed to create a fantastic 3 course Michelin starred quality menu:

Goats Cheese, Ratte Potato, Aubergine And Red Pepper Roulade With Dressed Leaves, Dried Tomato And Tomato & Oive Brunoise

Honey Glazed Lamb Knuckle With Confit Vegetables, Pommels Carlos And Gently Spiced Masala Sauce

Pink Lady Tartes Tatin With Crème Anglaise Ice Cream, Crumble Topping And Sugar Spirals

Audi A8 (3)

Audi A8 (5)

Audi A8 (9)

I managed to demonstrate the starters and the deserts during the evening on an interesting mobile stage, which was wheeled out during my introductions  and  in between four of the new cars being driven through the audience, whilst surrounded by ballet dancers.  Sounds surreal, but it’s fantastically true!

An absolutely perfect evening, many thanks to all at Audi for making us (myself and Kit) feel so welcome.  Hopefully see you all again very soon.

Audi A8 (8) Audi A8 (7) Audi A8 (6) Audi A8 (4) Audi A8 (2) Audi A8 (1)

Another date with the Loose Women


After nearly 12 months since my last appearance, I was invited onto the show again to help me promote my book. Andrea, Janet, Jane and Lisa made me feel very welcome and I got a chance to meet Brian Connolly in the Green room before I was on, what a funny man.

During the show we discussed various parts of Simply Novelli, the concept and theories behind the book and I explained that it was created in order to redefine French cooking and to remove the stigma behind it, showing that it was actually quite easy to cook everyday French food without having to have a fine dining experience.

Janet actually paid me a massive compliment about the book which surprised me as I regard her as a food expert and very experienced in the kitchen and Andrea made several great comments about the book, take a look on iPlayer for yourselves, if you want to see more.

The other ladies were great fun especially Jane McDonald, she reminded me that several people still like eating fatty foods and that my book tried to eliminate as much fat as possible, so we had a little discussion about that topic and I hope I managed to get my point across that we should all try to eat healthier if possible and to reduce our salt and fat intake.

That same evening I went to a Christmas recording of the Matt Lucas Awards and was fortunate to spend about 4 hours waiting with David Ginola, the retired footballer, to go onto to do our short sketch. The concept of the sketch was extremely funny and the outcome even funnier. You’ll have to watch the show on the 15th December to find out more and at this point I can’t say any more without spoiling the results!

jc at losoe women

janet and brian

ITV’s Sunday Scoop!


After being kindly invited to appear on the new ITV show Sunday Scoop, I obviously jumped at the opportunity of appearing with Nadia Sawalha and the Team but was disappointed that no one had told me that it was her birthday, otherwise I would have baked a cake. Instead she cooked for me and whilst doing so, gave me the chance to talk about Simply Novelli, my new book which went on sale a couple of weeks ago and the perfect stocking filler for most foodies.

Meeting Russell Watson was special to me too as he’s one of my favourite classical singers and better looking in real life as well! We managed to have a bit of fun on the show swapping ideas of promoting my book and his new CD, The Voice, I’m not sure whether the viewers noticed? While we were doing that Nadia was busy cooking her wonderful burgers which we later ate around their kitchen table.

A very informal show that made me feel very comfortable and humbled to be on.

Thank you.


Smithfield Butchers Awards 2013

This week saw me in the heart of The City of London, once more, this time at the splendor of Butchers’ Hall, in Smithfield, which has long been the hub for quality butchers in the UK. What a great occasion it was. I was there with the people from the Q Guild,  to present the 26th annual Q Guild Awards, the ‘Olymics’ of Master Butchers.

With over 400 different dishes entered, the judges really had their work cut out to find the winners. I am relieved to say that this had already been done, so I had the much easier job of simply tasting some of the outstanding quality, medal winning, meat dishes.

I had a great chat to master butchers from all over Great Britain and congratulated them on doing such a wonderful job. It is great to see this skilled trade’s business making such a great recovery in the high street & it warms my heart to see traditional butchery as alive today as it ever was. Fantastic!

It certainly still rings true that you cannot beat your local master butcher for freshness, quality and customer service. I think they ALL deserve medals to honour their commitment to the quality of our food.

Congratulations to all the winners and thankyou for a wonderful day. I must just mention a few,though I can’t mention them all.

This year’s  winner of the ‘Q Guild Diamond Award for Best Overall’ is Aubrey Allen Butchers’, in Royal Leamington Spa for their Stuffed Pork Tenderloin. I must say this is an outstanding quality dish. I was impressed from the first mouthful, as was my assistant Tony who, (I did notice, Tony), kept sneaking back for another fork-full!

Also  worthy of a mention (and worth trying to get your hands on) is Allan Bennett of Codsall’s ‘Huntsman Pie’. This Diamond Award Winner in the Cold Tasting Pie category is a fantastic pie combining layers of meat, poultry & stuffing & I must say that we enjoyed these immensly.

Many of my regular followers are meat lovers and I know that Aberdeen Angus Steak is a favourite for lots of you. I learned today that the late Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, is the person responsible for saving this wonderful breed and was made an honorary butcher by the Q Guild for doing so. Without the ‘queen mum’ none of us would be able to enjoy an ‘Aberdeen Angus’ today! I never knew that! Merci beaucoup Ma’am!

I look forward to seeing you all soon & thank you for reading my latest blog. Please come back regularly for updates & don’t forget to let your friends know about it in order to spread the word!

A Bientot!

Jean- Christophe

Jean-Christophe Judges The Blue Arrow Chef of the Year Awards 2013

blue arrow chef of the year 2013

(Photo Credit to Martin Brannigan @ Eye Definition Photography)

Yesterday I had the fantastic pleasure of spending the evening at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, in Threadneedle Street, opposite the Bank of England. What a splendid building with such culture & history to it. I was there with the wonderful people from Blue Arrow, one of the leading providers of HR & recruitment sollutions across the UK for over 30 years.

I had the honour of being one of the judges for the final of the inaugural ‘BLUE ARROW CHEF OF THE YEAR’ contest.

I must say that, from the start, I could see that the bar had been set very high. The standard of cooking was amazing. The 3 finalists, Gareth Ruck, Richard Skinner & Luke Smith, are ALL winners as far as I’m concerned.  They presented us with plates of such a high standard, using great original & diverse ideas, together with a combination of colour and texture that was incredible. The final result of their orchestration of the art of food culminating in such delightful flavour & presentation that, even after using an very thorough  means of awarding points, myself and the other judges found it extremely difficult to come up with a winner. After deliberating for at least 30 minutes it came down to the task of splitting hairs and looking at the smallest details. This helped us determine that the rightful winner and

‘BLUE ARROW CHEF OF THE YEAR’ 2013 is, a very deserving, RICHARD SKINNER.

Congratulations to Richard, to Luke Smith as Runner-up & to Gareth Ruck as a very close 2nd Runner-up.

All three of thes great young chefs will go far, I am sure of that. Congratulations too, to BLUE ARROW for putting on such a fantastic event and my thanks to them for inviting me along.

Should any of you be interested in applying for the ‘BLUE ARROW CHEF OF THE YEAR’ 2014 you can find out more at

I look forward to seeing you all soon & thank you for reading my latest blog. Please come back regularly for updates & don’t forget to let your friends know about it in order to spread the word!

A Bientot!


TUI Corporate fun, 16th August 2013

On Friday 16th August the academy held yet another amazing corporate event full of laughter, great people and great food!

The 40 guests from TUI, were trickling in from 9 o’ clock and were greeted with some lovely homemade shortbread, served with tea and coffee. There was a lovely atmosphere right from the start and everybody was chatting away before they moved into the main room for a short informal meeting before the days activities began.

As their meeting came to an end, we set up a wonderful surprise for the guests. Jenny introduced the one and only Jean-Christophe Novelli to the group! They had no idea he was going to be there to host their day (accept Hayley from TUI, who worked hard with Jenny to keep the secret) and from their faces and the cheer of excitement, it was clearly a lovely surprise for them to be able to meet him and later cook with him.

Jean-Christophe started off the day by demonstrating a selection of dishes, whilst our guests enjoyed a lovely glass of bubbly as they watched. The menu included the likes of; Gazpacho with truffle oil for a light refreshing starter, a twist on the original chocolate chicken with vanilla risotto for main and a delicious orange Panna cotta for dessert – the smells coming from the kitchen were just absolutely amazing!

Following the demonstrations, the group was split in to three teams in which they had to recreate what Jean-Christophe had demonstrated. Each team was head to head and ready to compete against each other for the best recreations of each dish!

All our wonderful gests were so excited and enthusiastic with this and Jean-Christophe was extremely impressed at what they produced. They only had 15 minutes to produce each dish and the kitchen, as you can imagine, was manic!

Jean judged them on the texture and taste of the food and also the overall poise and presentation. Most of our guests made some wonderful dishes and truly excelled at this task, however there was one less successful guest that gave us all a laugh. The poor gentleman didn’t really seem to know what was going on for the entirety of the day let alone this difficult task and well, he seemed to sort of roam around aimlessly attempting to look busy! We thought this was worthy of an award so we will be presenting him with a signed spatula from Jean-Christophe and he was awarded the title, ‘The most clueless person’, it was all in good humour of course and the gentleman was rather touched by our award. Well done!

Other awards given during the day included; ‘Best dish’, ‘Best team leader’ and a grand prize for the winner of ‘Most outstanding individual’ who won a cooking course at the Novelli Academy Cookery School.

All in all it was a fantastic day and we all had such a brilliant time! The atmosphere was just brilliant and everyone had an amazing time learning from Jean-Christophe and having some giggles on the way!

What a wonderful way to start of the weekend! We hope everyone at TUI had as much fun as we did.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon for more amazing cooking and as always, lots of fun!!!

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Photography by,

Richard Crisp

Audio Engineer/CEO